Company Profile
Company History

Company history
Toukai Foundry merged with former MMM
The merged company's name became MMM
Established MMS
Merged with Date steel Co.,Ltd.
Merged with Sanzo metal Inc.
Absorbed MMS

Cast Iron Division

Established Mikuni Meehanite foundry under 100% investment from MES.
Closed Kobe plant (Mar.'72) and Mikuni plant (Jul.'73) due to their location within the city center. Continued with sales in these areas.

Established Tokai foundry under 100% investment from MES with license from MEEHANITE (USA) for the purpose of manufacturing and selling MEEHANITE gray and ductile iron.
Commence operations at Okazaki plant.
Established Sasayama foundry by 13 machine toolmakers as principle investors in the Kansai area under Government guidance
Tokai Foundry merged with Tokyo Meehanite Foundary; Tokyo Meehanite's Ohsaki Plant became Tokai Foundry's Tokyo plant
Closed Tokyo plant and opened Tokyo sales office.
Merged with Mikuni Meehanite
Merged with Ishihara Iron Works and changed company name back to former Mitsui Meehanite Metal Co.,Ltd.

Date Steel Casting Division

Established Fukushima Steel Co.,Ltd.
Merged into Fukushima Manufacturing.
Separated from Shin Fukushima Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. and re-established Fukushuima Steel Co.,Ltd. by goods investment
Separated and formed independant Date Steel Date Plant
Changed company name to Date Steel Co.,Ltd.
MES joined the management of Date Steel Co.,Ltd.

Tamano Steel Casting Division

Commenced manufacturing at Foundry Shop of MES.(4-cupolas).
Shifted manufacturing of cast iron to Sasayama Foundry Co.,Ltd.
Established Sanzo Metal Inc. separately from MES
The new material business of MES is succeeded to.